Let’s talk about how good the Love Island commentary is

Iain Stirling is doing a fab job of helping us through the complicated twists and turns of the themes, the characters and the toastie rows


With no chance to say ‘Bring in the Jonathan’ I did worry Iain Stirling would struggle with what to say as he narrated another year of Love Island. With his go-to phrase stripped away after last year’s debut series, what would he be left with? The word ‘pied’ for the entire run of the ITV2 series? *shudder*


But he’s hit a home run this year, offering up short, sharp and smart thoughts on the day’s goings-on. And when his source material is as extensive as people wiping chocolate sauce on each other’s faces, that’s pretty good going. 


Stirling’s doing much more this year, too. Host Caroline Flack’s role has changed to make her the bearer of bombshells, so there’s less time away from the goings on of the villa. This leaves our narrator free to hit us with his daily musings, which he co-writes. 

There’s a tone of Carry On about the whole thing, helped by ‘scenes of a sexual nature’ brought to us with hilarious music, Stirling’s amused thoughts and every now and again a firework display. And hey, without Stirling, we wouldn’t have thought Kady said cute now, would we..?

While the islanders may not have a clue what’s going on in the real world, Stirling also adds a topical panel show vibe to proceedings. Referring to Terry’s indecision over leaving the villa as ‘Texit’ was my personal favourite. 

And why give us an idea of what Tom’s going to say, when he can just point out he’s sat next to a box of Spanish biscuits. We all knew Tom was going to spurt out some ‘I’m fine about my ex-girlfriend/girlfriend situation’.

These random, casual observations are just what this show needs to keep it from taking itself too seriously. Stirling brings a humorous, mocking touch that stops us thinking we’ve hit the wrong number on the remote and are wayyyy too high up in the channel numbers. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2