Adam J’s Love Island scheming leads to a showdown with Alex

The new boy has a date with Olivia - but is it really just so he can get closer to Tina?


Now try not to faint from the shock, but there’s a little bit of scheming going on in Sunday night’s episode of Love Island.


Before you start panicking too much, though, it actually helps bring one couple closer together… 

It all starts when new Islanders Katie and Adam J each get the chance to take out three of the others. While Katie chooses Alex, Adam and Sophie, Adam J goes for Sophie, Olivia and Tina – but he tells Sophie’s other half Alex he’s only dating her to get the inside track on her mate Tina, who’s the one he’s really after.

During the date, though, Olivia quickly realises Adam J has less innocent intentions…

Adam J: “I feel like we got on pretty well. What are your thoughts on me? Would you go there?”

Olivia: “I’m really happy with Alex. I think you’ve got a cracking personality, but I’m pretty deep with Alex. At this current point in time, Alex and I are pretty strong and I don’t think there are any cracks in our relationship.”

Adam J: “I respect that, but I don’t mind ruffling feathers. You can see that because I asked Alex if I could take you out.”

Olivia: “But you told him it was for Tina. You should have said. Are you grafting right now?”

Adam J: “I think I’m grafting because we’re getting on. We do get on – I find you attractive, you find me attractive. That’s not something you’d close off.”

When Alex asks Olivia how the date went, she spills the beans, telling him: “He said he finds me attractive and he gets on with me really well. I said ‘I’m not gonna stray, I’ve got all my eggs in one basket’. I said ‘I think you’re a good looking boy, I get on with you really well but it’s a friends thing’. I said ‘You told Alex you wanted to take me on a date because you wanted to talk about Tina’. He said ‘Yeah, it weren’t just that. I wanted to get to know you as well’. I said ‘You should have said that to Alex’.”

That’s all Alex needs to hear before he’s straight over to confront Adam J, getting right to the point…

Alex: “Look – what’s the craic, do you like Olivia or what?”

Adam J: “Looks-wise she’s not exactly what I’d go for, but it’s tough coming in – I’ve got to keep my options open.”

Alex: “You know, I said to you over there, always respect the boys in the house. You come up to a boy and you say ‘Look, I fancy Olivia’. You weren’t honest were you? If you’d had the balls to say ‘I fancy her, I want to take her out on a date’, sweet. But you said to me ‘I want to crack on with Tina, Olivia’s mates with Tina, I want to get information out of her’. That’s muggy mate. I’m up front mate, I tell everyone how it is. At the end of the day mate, you’ve gone about it a s**t way. Me and you ain’t got to be mates, we can just be in here together. I ain’t a fake person. I ain’t gonna get along with you. You’re probably a decent geezer, but you’ve handled it s**t like.”

Adam J: “I’m sorry if you feel like that, but I was big enough to come and talk to you about the situation.”

Alex: “How was you big enough to talk to me? You said you wanted to take Tina out. If you’d have said you wanted to take [Olivia] out on a date, I’d have been sweet. But you ain’t had the b******s to say that. I’d have been sweet, because she’s going to pick me anyway. F**k it, we’re done mate.”

Might be best for Adam J if he stays out of Alex’s way for a bit – but actually he’s done him a favour. Turns out, the idea of another boy coming on to Olivia makes Alex realise how he feels about her, while Alex’s date with Katie, and Adam J grafting after her, does the same thing for Olivia…

Alex: “It made me realise I do like you, like a lot.”

Olivia: “I feel the same as you and probably a bit worse, so you don’t have anything to worry about. You’re making me fall fast and hard. I didn’t expect it; I think that’s what freaks me out.”

Alex: “Same. It’s a nice feeling though. When we get out of here it’s going to be a test, but I do want to see you when we get out, I really do. I know we said we’d keep it light and chilled but I am getting feelings for you every day.”

Aaaaah. Maybe Love Island really can be about something deeper than what goes on under (and on top of) the duvets.Then again, maybe Caroline Flack should hold off buying a new hat just yet…


See it all unfold on Love Island, tonight at 9pm on ITV2