Caroline Flack’s bringing in EIGHT new potential Love Islanders

Four boys and four girls will compete in games designed to test how suited they are to the villa and there's some familiar faces...


When Caroline Flack promises a Love Island bombshell, she really delivers bringing EIGHT potential new Love Islanders onto tonight’s show. 


The four new boys and four new girls will compete in games designed to test their fit with life in the villa before the islanders get to choose two to stay: one boy and one girl. 

There’s some familiar faces among the potentials too – nope, not Malin unfortunately – but viewers will recognise Adam Jukes and Chelsea Kelly who went up against Kady and Terry for a spot on the show earlier in the series (producers must really think they’ll be good!). 

Check out the singletons hoping to earn a spot on the show:


Sinead Hegarty, 23, is a club hostess from Northern Ireland

• Sinead has been single for a year and rarely dates.
• Her type is a baby-faced boy like Justin Bieber, but on the Island she’d like to find a man who can take control of their relationship.
• Her turn-offs are laziness and a lack of confidence.
• Sinead describes herself as extremely competitive: “I need to be number one.”

Katie Salmon, 20, is a glamour model from Liverpool.

Katie has been single for around four months

• Katie’s ideal type in a guy is: Tall dark and handsome with tattoos, long hair and a touch of arrogance.
• She loves having male and female attention, and has recently been enjoying the dating scene.
• Katie admits that she is a nightmare to live with and has a short fuse.

Kasey Wynter, 31, is a PA and part-time model from London

• Kasey has been single for two years and blames being single on how fussy she is.
• Kasey was once a contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model and says she’s dated Jesse Metcalfe.
• Often going on four dates a week, Kasey once dated three guys in one day.
• She rates herself an eleven out of ten and thinks she is the whole package.

Chelsea Kelly, 21, is a beauty salon owner is from Scotland

• Chelsea’s ex was her first real love and was her ideal type, with muscles and tattoos.
• She admits that a relationship with her is always hard work because she can be a bit of a drama queen.
• Chelsea is a big fan of dating but has recently put it on hold to concentrate on her business.
• She’s very successful with guys and usually always ends up with the one she has her eye on.



Marcus Privet, 23, is a DJ and personal trainer from Essex

• Marcus has been single for 5 months now and enjoys playing the field as his job as a DJ means he’s out a lot.
• Marcus would rate himself 9/10 and confidently states he thinks he’s “Got everything a girl could want.”
• Marcus claims his secret to being successful is to “Play the nice guy – it works every time.”
• Marcus describes himself as “Real, outgoing and very vain” – it takes Marcus nearly an hour to get ready.

Rob Mead, 29, is a model & events manager from Essex

• Rob has been single for six months and prefers  dating to being in a relationship.
• Rob’s ideal type of girl is down to earth, ambitious with a feisty side, as he likes to be kept on his toes.
• Rob describes himself as down to earth, fun-loving and a genuine guy.
• Rob is close to his mum and asks her advice on girls – “I always speak to mum for advice if a girl is causing me problems.”

Adam Jukes, 23, is a recruitment consultant from Manchester

• Single for 9 months, Adam describes himself as “Energetic, good looking and spontaneous”.
• His ideal date would be somewhere relaxed where he can get to know the girl.
• Adam’s turn-offs are arrogant, self-indulgent girls and girls who take too long to get ready.
• He is confident he’s got the whole package, rating himself a 9.5 out of 10.

Ashley Ienco, 24, is a car salesman and part time model from Yorkshire

• Ashley has been single for two months after a two-year relationship with his ex girlfriend.
• Ashley tends to go for older girls for their maturity and life experience.
• In a girl, Ashley likes confidence, good sense of humour and big lips.
• On the island, Ashley would go for Sophie. He is attracted to her maturity and striking looks.
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