Tom and Liana are voted out of Love Island

After crying wolf with all that of talk of quitting, Tom has been forced out - and Liana's gone, too


Tom Powell is the boy who cried wolf tonight, voted out  of Love Island after all that talk of quitting. 


He was “1000%” walking out not so long ago. But, despite finding it within himself to stick around in a sun-drenched villa in Mallorca, the public have now taken the decision away from him and voted to boot him out. 

That’ll teach him. 

Many will consider it a welcome relief from all of his moaning and constant ‘little chats’ with on/off villa girlfriend Sophie. And his insistence on having deep and meaningful chats without his trousers on… 

He’s not the only one to exit the villa –Liana has gone, too. The two were dumped after their fellow islanders put them at risk by deeming their respective couples (Liana and Adam/Sophie and Tom) the weakest of the bunch. 

Liana hasn’t had much luck since she was dropped in as a late arrival. This of course wasn’t particularly helped by the various men thinking they could have a bash at ‘cracking on’ with her before ditching her for Tina. 

How Tom will get on watching events unfold from the outside world – trickier still given that his ex-girlfriend Emma gets to stay in there – remains to be seen. We’ll have to keep an eye on his Twitter as he’s sure to join fellow former contestant Malin in tweeting along from home

Host Caroline Flack, who returned to deliver the news, has another bombshell coming on Friday night’s show. We’re told it’s not a familiar contestant returning, so keep your peepers peeled for updates. 


Love Island continues Friday at 9:00pm on ITV2