Shock U-turn as Emma has sex with Terry on Love Island

Emma said she’d never get jiggy on TV, but the duo have “sealed the deal”, while Tom and Sophie get back together causing anger among other islanders


New Love Islander Emma-Jane Woodham has seemingly had a change of heart on the whole ‘not sleeping with anyone on TV’ thing as she’s slept with someone on TV.


Not just any someone, but Terry Walsh. Yes, Terry Walsh who was supposed to be staying faithful to Malin Andersson, whom he’s promptly decided to forget all about since she left the villa.

It’s not much less complicated for Emma either, given that the act in question appears to have taken place in front of other islanders, including her ex-boyfriend Tom Powell.

I mean, it certainly sounds like a night that requires a big bag of popcorn for us viewers, but at the same time… yikes! That’s a lot going on in one villa.

Sophie clearly agrees, accusing her new BFF Emma of playing games as she’s so quickly changed her mind about what (and who) she would and wouldn’t do on TV. Then again, Terry thinks Sophie’s playing games by coupling up with Tom when both of the islanders are at risk of leaving the villa. He says it will cause him and Tom to “fight” because he’s “not a mug”.

“I’m too wise to not know what’s in front of my nose,” he says. 

Adam agrees it’s a “coincidence” while Alex brands it all “fake”.

Anyone would think there was a £50,000 prize up for grabs and this was getting tactical.

At the end of it all, two islanders will be dumped: Adam or Liana and Tom or Sophie. What fireworks await following that decision…?

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Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2