Even Tom admits he thought Sophie was using him to stay on Love Island

He’s 99.9% sure she’ll stay faithful now he’s been voted out and that their relationship is genuine, though…


Fresh from being kicked out of the villa Love Island’s Tom Powell has admitted even he thought his on, off, on again girlfriend Sophie Gradon was using him to stay in the competition.


“It did cross my mind slightly that Sophie was doing it to stay in,” Tom admitted to RadioTimes.com after the duo decided they should be official boyfriend and girlfriend again hours before it was decided which couples would be at risk of being voted out.

It crossed many a mind in fact with Alex, Terry and Adam all quick to describe it as being too much of a “coincidence” and “fake”.

But while Tom said he had “initially” had that doubt, he told us he and Sophie have talked and he’s confident their relationship is genuine.

“We had a talk afterwards and she said that she’s not bothered about staying in the villa. She feels like she’s done what she needs to do,” Tom explained.

This begs the question ‘why didn’t she leave the villa with you, then?’. To ‘do a Rykard’ as it were. But Tom insisted it was a decision they’d already made.

“We’ve had this conversation before when Terry and Malin happened [Terry U-turned on his decision to leave and has since moved on with new arrival (and incidentally Tom’s ex) Emma-Jane]. Me and Soph had a conversation saying that if I leave I would not want her to leave, that I want her to stay in and have the best experience, to properly try and win, love every second of being in there. I don’t want her to waste the experience.”

“A few days before Malin left, Terry said he couldn’t do this anymore and he wanted to get out. Me and Sophie aren’t like that, we have genuine feelings,” Tom added.

Although he wouldn’t go as far as to say there’s no fear there now that he, much like Malin, has got to watch from the outside.

“I’m 99.9% sure [that nothing will happen with Sophie and another islander]. There’s always that small, tiny little doubt, but I’ve got full faith in Sophie and I trust her 100%. I know that this is real.”

He’s a lover of percentages is Tom, – who not so long ago was 1000% going to leave the show, and he continued – “I 1000% believe me and Sophie are going to have a relationship on the outside world.”

As for the fact that his ex-girlfriend, who only really got on the show because of him, could now win – possibly scooping £50,000 – Tom said it’s not concerning him.

“Not really bothered if she wins, she’s already got money, she doesn’t need more, but if she wins more then happy days to her.”

Although he’s not quite so complimentary of her having sex with Terry, which he thinks is all part of her game plan to get revenge on him.  

“From day one I didn’t trust Emma. Why would you go onto a show with your ex if you’re not going to do anything? It you’re not going to mess? As she walked in she said ‘I’m going to teach him not to cross me’ or something along those lines, then she pretends like she didn’t say it.

“I think it’s too much of a coincidence that she said that, became best friends with my girlfriend, planted little seeds in her head, she was coincidentally happy when me and Sophie broke up and then me and Sophie reignite our flame, get back together and all of a sudden Emma decides to bang Terry on top of the cupboards in front of everyone, as everyone’s watching, making it so obvious then comes and sits on the corner of mine and Sophie’s bed… that’s just strange in anyone’s book.”

But he’ll be watching, that’s for sure.

“It’s going to be a bit strange watching as obviously I know everything that goes on and they only show little snippets, so I’m going to enjoy watching knowing what really goes on.”


Love Island continues Friday at 9:00pm on ITV2