Love Island’s ‘weak’ couples to be split up and half dumped from the show

Host Caroline Flack's bombshell has been revealed and the islanders have some tough decisions to make


Anne Robinson should be airdropped in to Love Island tonight because, with two contestants about to be dumped, it’s a case of ‘You are the weakest islander, goodbye’. 


The islanders themselves get the ball rolling. They will be asked, as usual, to couple up (here it’s the boys choosing the girls). But then, in a new twist, each couple must vote on which of the other couples they think is the weakest. They must discuss this only within their couples and then text their verdicts to those pot-stirring show bosses behind the scenes. 

Then the power turns to us, the viewers. We’ll be told who the two weakest couples are, before voting to save one person from each of the pairs. For the other two, a quick blast of NSYNC’s Bye, Bye, Bye will get the message across as they’ll be promptly dumped from the villa. 

This is where host Caroline Flack comes in, returning to the villa during Thursday’s show to tell the two islanders they’re out. 

Someone close to new islander Troy may want to think fast, as whoever is coupled up with him (Tina, get in there!) will be immune from this vote-off. 

And it looks like tactics are already coming in to play, with Nathan telling Cara: “The way you’ve got to look at it is, it’s Love Island not Friend Island.”

Meanwhile, Scott tells Kady: “There’s a couple in here that I don’t think have got any romantic feelings towards each other. It’s hard, because we both like them as individuals.” 

Get ready for some serious pie action. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2