Emma Thompson steals the show in new Bridget Jones’s Baby trailer

Bridge is back with a bump – and she's got two potential baby daddies...


There’s a brand new trailer full of funny footage from Bridget Jones’s Baby – and we can’t quite contain how excited it’s made us. 


It’s been five years since Bridge and Mark called it quits, and – to put it bluntly – she’s in need of some sex. That’s where McDreamy enters the equation, only it’s never simple where Bridget is concerned. She ends up sleeping with Darcy at a mutual friend’s christening too – and she’s soon gawping as a pregnancy test comes back positive. 

“Can’t go back and keep making same mistakes… when I can make new ones,” sighs Bridge. 

Cue hilarity, toe-curling awkwardness and some brilliant rivalry between Bridget’s two potential baby daddies. 

But the stand out star of this new movie? We’re calling it and it’s Emma Thompson. The 57-year-old actress, who is playing Bridget’s amused midwife, is easily our favourite part of this three-minute trailer. More of her please. 


Bridget Jones’s Baby will be in UK cinemas 16th September