Caroline Flack’s back to drop a Love Island bombshell – but what could it be?

Malin's reappearance? Zara's return? A major couple axed? We ponder what the host's next update will be


Love Island host Caroline Flack’s imminent return means something huge is going to happen.


This year’s new format means that when Flack is back, there’s a bombshell coming. Like when she sat Rachel down and told her Rykard had slept with Olivia. Wowzas.

Indeed, to quote the lady herself: “big things gonna happen”.

I’ve been told Flack will be back for more than one episode as well, which could mean double the trouble. So what on earth is coming? Here’s some ideas…

Malin to have her say


The public voted out Malin Andersson but you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t up to the viewers, as now pretty much everyone wants her back in. It’s no surprise. She left thinking things were hunky-dory with boyfriend Terry Walsh but he’s since forgotten all about her and moved on with new arrival Emma-Jane Woodham. While I’ve been told there aren’t plans to physically put her back in the villa (although, it didn’t sound like it was completely off the table either) there are “ideas” of how to incorporate her. A video message delivered in the pod perhaps? A delivery of newspapers with her recent tell-all interviews? Or my personal favourite, a message burnt onto a hacked up cheese toastie.

Zara Holland to return


Zara had a rough time in the villa, what with finding out she’d been stripped of her Miss Great Britain title while still a contestant on the show. Zara’s mum was then taken ill and so she left the island to be with her. However, ITV2 left the door open for her return and Zara said her mum was doing much better. Again, while she told us it wasn’t her immediate plan, an arrival into the villa (wearing a Miss Love Island sash, I’d like to think) would go down a treat among the remaining contestants.

A major couple to be ditched


It’s going to get even more tactical as the final approaches. Regardless of how much they’re all getting along, the winning couple is in with a chance of taking home £50,000 and that’s going to influence decisions more and more. So imagine if a couple were to be given the chance to oust their biggest competition? Cara and Nathan are probably most at risk here. Perhaps Kady and Scott would be the ones to do the ditching? Yikes. But a Cara and Nathan exit would, in my opinion at least, see viewers flee too.

Caroline Flack spends a night in the villa


The presenter said herself she’d love to have a sleepover in the villa. Given we’ve been told to expect to see her on more than one episode, this could be it. Imagine the gossip she could get, and spread. After that dramatic reveal to Rachel about Rykard’s lies, Ms Flack has form for a face-to-face bombshell.

Paul Danan to arrive


Paul Danan and Love Island go hand-in-hand. Flack herself said it wouldn’t be Love Island unless the original contestant returned. Last year he was a guest panelist, chatting about the goings on of the islanders. Maybe this year he could get a bigger role, like Calum Best, who got to take the boys out on the town. Given this involved some of them bringing girls back, it’s a banker for fireworks.

Vicky Pattison pops up


Another famous face that could spice things up is ITV’s reigning Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison. Not only does she actually want to go in – asking Ms Flack to let her in to bring a bit more ‘banter’ – she’s also Alex’s ex-girlfriend. Olivia would enjoy that wouldn’t she?

Have the most random elimination of all time


It would be quite something if Flack went in completely unannounced and said something completely bizarre like, “Unfortunately, I’ve been told that I have to ditch the person that is standing closest to the kitchen…” and then literally marched them out, no time to say goodbye, no time to pack up their short shorts. Mean? Yep. But it’d be a good watch wouldn’t it?

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Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2