Love Island fans really want Cara and Nathan to stop arguing

That's a step too far


Love Island couple Cara and Nathan have been together since day one, warming many a heart with their goofy goings on. Heck, when they were given a private room and chocolate body paint they drew moustaches on each other. And now they’re rowing. 


Jeez. As if Tom and Sophie bickering away wasn’t enough. The row was sparked last night after Cara hadn’t noticed Nathan was trying to comfort an upset Tina, who thinks she’s going home because her couple ‘friend’ Terry has now smooched new gal Emma, who is actually Tom’s ex-girlfriend. I know. Serious stuff over in the Love Island world. 

But while we’re used to seeing some of the other islanders moan at each other (ahem, Kady and Scott) the Cara/Nathan spat has really not gone down very well with fans…

We just don’t want to see it, OK?

It’s too painful

OK, some might have taken it a little too far

But the message is clear: people don’t want to see it

Even if it can be a little bit amusing sometimes

The general feeling is just, no

After all, they’re plenty of people’s favourites

And favourites should be happy and on track to win

Don’t they know they’re giving us relationship goals?

Guys look, even pooches are mad. Give it a rest.


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2