Tom Powell is staying on Love Island despite promise he was “1000%” quitting

Well, there's a surprise...


You will no doubt be unsurprised to hear that Tom Powell is not quitting Love Island after all. 


He stomped off last night insisting he was done with the show after a row with his girlfriend Sophie over his ex-girlfriend Emma (yes, she’s now in the villa too). 

But while he packed up his brightly-coloured shorts with a level of enthusiasm usually adopted by school kids approaching their homework, it was clear his heart wasn’t quite in it. 

While he is seen going back and forth on his decision during tonight’s show – and at one point “1000%” declares he’s off – he’s not actually going to go. 

Tom’s not the first to change his mind on the whole leaving thing of course (it’s totally tough living in a villa in Mallorca, guys!). Terry Walsh was also adamant he was off after his girlfriend Malin Andersson was voted out. He’s since stuck around and started getting close to Emma instead. Yep, Tom’s ex. For an uncomplicated show, they’re sure weaving some complicated webs for themselves. 

However, things aren’t done and dusted with Tom and Sophie’s rows. In fact, despite his decision to stay, it seems they may well go their separate ways in the villa. After yet more rows over eye masks and sleeping and not saying hello or breathing right (etc, etc..) a break up looks on the cards. 

“I think maybe you being 24 and me being 30, I’ve come through all this. Maybe you need to come through all this with someone else because I don’t have the time of day to play these silly games, I really don’t,” Sophie says. “I feel like I have to follow how I feel, Tom, and not just stay with you for the sake of a TV show. I do really, really like you a lot. I just don’t know if it’s [too far gone].”


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2