Neighbours: Tyler and Piper are caught together, plus Madison’s article sends shockwaves through Ramsay Street

4-8 July 2016: Plus tensions continue to bubble under the surface between Sonya and Toadie


Monday 4 June


Paul changes Madison’s article so that Mark, Terese, Sheila and Brad’s profiles become highly personal and professional attacks, and the reaction is exactly what he planned. Piper tries and fails to convince Terese and Brad to support her relationship with Tyler. Despite Paul’s attack on his character, Steph reaffirms her commitment to Mark. 

Tuesday 5 June

With Piper having convinced Tyler that parental approval is imminent, the pair struggle to put the brakes on their romance. Madison moves out of the hotel as a result of the fallout from the article. Toadie is furious when he learns that Sonya has been sharing details of their relationship with Steph. 

Wednesday 6 June

Sonya and Toadie strive to reignite the spark in their relationship. When Brad learns that Off Air is closing, he leaps on the opportunity to secure it for his struggling youth program. Jack tells Paige that he needs some space to make a decision about their relationship. 

Thursday 7 June

After realising that Jack shares the same feelings for her, Paige develops a new plan of attack. Sonya helps Brad in his quest to use Off Air as a meeting place for his youth group. Paul tries to mend fences with Madison by putting her on the scent of a story that will inadvertently expose Amy. 


Friday 8 June

Steph and Mark are rocked when Belinda arrives in town. Piper gives Terese an ultimatum when she refuses to allow her to go to the school formal with Tyler. Madison is fired when she tries to kill the story of Amy previously working as a lingerie cleaner.