Love Island’s Malin could reappear on the show in some way

Insiders tell us show bosses have “ideas” about incorporating Malin’s reaction to Terry’s actions in the villa


As we learn that Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham lock lips on tonight’s Love Island, understands that hearing from his current (or should that be former?) beau Malin Andersson isn’t off the table. 


The brunette beauty was voted out of the villa, leaving behind her boyfriend Terry Walsh who – after initially saying he was going to leave with her – stayed behind to ‘test’ their relationship. The test hasn’t lasted all that long, with Terry since getting close with new arrival Emma. So close in fact that tonight’s episode sees the pair kiss on their first date.

Malin wouldn’t come back as a fully-fledged contestant. That would negate viewers’ choice to vote her out in the first place after all. And as much as it would be great to see her go in for a one night showdown, as it stands, there are no current plans to send her into the villa for any kind of face-to-face confrontation (although there was no sense that this has been completely ruled out). 

But we’re told there are “ideas” to incorporate the former contestant, which would allow us to hear Malin’s side of the story and get a taste of how it has felt to watch Terry from the outside.

Malin herself has already said she has a lot to say about what’s happened since she’s left, given she was under the impression they were in a relationship both in and out of the show. 

“It’s early days,” a source told us. “[Producers] are focusing on who is in the villa.”

Perhaps Terry and Emma could get a very awkward invite to the ‘Pod’ for a video message? Or, the latest text message (read aloud for all to hear, of course) could be from Malin? Maybe a message could be burnt into a heavily sliced up cheese toastie? Watch this space Love Island lovers. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2