Is Love Island’s Tom really going to quit?

After his ex-girlfriend Emma and new girlfriend Sophie manage to (gasp!) get along, Tom thinks it's best he leaves the villa


Last night Love Island’s Tom Powell threw up his freshly shaved arms and declared he was quitting the show. 


Why? Well, he had the almighty hump that his ex-girlfriend Emma had walked into the villa and – can you believe it?! – actually got on well with his new girlfriend Sophie. 

Oh the indignity of the whole thing. They’re not ripping each other’s hair out and making life for everyone in the villa super, super uncomfortable? Shucks… 

In a fluffed attempt at being open and honest with his new girlfriend, Tom told Sophie that the lads thought Emma still had feelings for him. Sophie, bored of listening to gossip among the rest of the contestants, had enough and promptly yelled at Tom loud enough for everyone in the nearby area to hear. 

Meanwhile, Emma couldn’t really have given two figs, busy as she was trying to move in on Terry Walsh, who has decided he no longer misses his girlfriend Malin who left the villa all of 48 hours ago. 

But as Tom ‘dramatically’ packed up his hats, tiny shorts and various sunglasses, it didn’t really feel like he was going to leave, did it? We’ll find out tonight. 


Love Island continues 9:00pm on ITV2