Tom’s ex-girlfriend is going into Love Island – and she’s pretty angry

Emma-Jane says seeing Tom on Love island was a “stab in the back” after he talked about reconciliation. Will she break up what he has with Sophie?


Love Island’s Tom Powell is about to get one heck of a shock: his ex-girlfriend is heading into the villa and she’s pretty darn angry.


Emma-Jane Woodham, 19, split up with Tom in December after finding out he’d been texting his ex-girlfriend. They’d been together for a few months after meeting in Zante in the summer where Tom was managing a bar.

Tom told us before he went into the villa that he’d been supporting his ex, whose mum was ill. Emma-Jane had, in his mind, ended things over nothing before heading off to another country with a premiership footballer. It was done and dusted, from what Tom said. 

But Emma-Jane has a different story and so contacted ITV2 to earn a spot on the show, too. In fact, as far as Emma-Jane’s concerned, a reconciliation was on the cards.l

“I went away to Asia on holiday and he was like ‘I’ll see you when you’re back, I’ll miss you’ and then the next thing I see he was on Love Island.”

Emma-Jane said it made her “physically sick” to come home to find Tom not just on the show, but coupled up with Sophie.

“I don’t think it was necessary to get back in contact. It just seems like he stuck the knife in my back once and then by getting back in contact with me after four months, wanting to meet up with me, and trying to call me round again to then go on a show like Love island was just a second stab in the back, I don’t think there was any need for it.”

As for the texts with his ex, Emma-Jane insists the messages were “not just support”.

“It was very much with intentions and they’d organised that they were meeting up, so I think that was slightly untrue from his part.

“As far as I’m concerned if your ex girlfriend’s mum is ill then that’s sad but I don’t think you should make it your problem if you’ve got a new girlfriend that you should be loyal to,” she added.

Of the footballer, Emma-Jane says that while there was something with someone for a while, he wasn’t away with her (“he had football commitments, he couldn’t just up and leave”) and that relationship is now completely over.

She’s not expecting her arrival to go down well with Tom, however.

“He’s going to hate it. I think the initial conversation will be quite awkward and maybe slightly heated. I think he’ll be quite angry and then I think he’ll probably make it his mission to go round the guys and try and convince everybody else not to crack onto me because he wouldn’t want to see me with another guy.”

And this is where it gets tricky: Emma-Jane says she’s going in to meet new people and do her own thing (ie. not to break up Tom and Sophie) but she admits she actually doesn’t know how she’ll react when she sees Tom again.

“I haven’t seen him since that day that I kicked him out. I care about him still. I wouldn’t want to see him come to any harm. I’m more than happy to be polite to him when I see him but I can’t say for sure that I won’t have that little thing for him when I see him again…”

Is there a chance she might actually want him back, despite not planning to mess with Sophie? “Yeah.”

“I did want to meet up, but obviously he had other intentions, so I’m having to go and meet him!”

As it goes, Emma-Jane actually thinks Sophie shouldn’t be with Tom, branding their relationship “fake”.

“I think Sophie’s lovely. I think she can do better than Tom. She seems genuine – she seems very sweet, very down to earth, very mature… all the things that Tom’s not.

“It is completely fake. 120% fake. They’re settling for each other. I think he’s very quick to get feelings anyway. He sort of deludes himself that after 20 minutes he’s in love with someone, but for her, I definitely thinks she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place: she doesn’t necessarily want to be with Tom, but she doesn’t want to be on her own either.”

Emma-Jane’s got some pretty to-the-point feelings about all his talk of being hurt in the past, too.

“As far as I was aware he was cheating on his ex the whole time. He did cheat on her a fair few times, one of which was me, so I know for a fact that he was cheating on her.”

This is going to go well isn’t it? Here’s hoping ITV2 have those firework graphics ready…


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2