Love Island’s Malin: “I’ll support Terry… until he mugs me off”

Malin jokes "only time will 'Tel'" when it comes to the future of their relationship as Terry continues in the show alone


Love Island’s Malin and Terry aren’t set to be the next Romeo and Juliet, as they both admit they’re together… unless something better comes along.


Doesn’t exactly fill you with all the warm and fuzzy feelings, does it?

Malin was voted out of the Love Island villa and, while it looked like her beau Terry would follow her out (mainly because he instantly said he would), he then decided to stay. 

This has led to a lot of not-very-romantic conversations about sticking around in the villa to check he doesn’t get tempted if someone new and exciting comes along. 

Meanwhile, Malin’s adopting a similar stance in that while she says she’s sticking by Terry and supporting him – as long as  he doesn’t “mug” her off. 

They are, according to Malin, meant to be ‘real world official’. So Terry talking about being ‘tested’ may well be a bit of a shock to his girlfriend. Especially given she can only watch, like us, from home. 

But hey, they have actually only known each other a matter of weeks. And Malin’s got a sense of humour about it, telling fans that when it comes to their future ‘only time will Tel’. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2