Big Brother contestants evacuated after the house floods

Rain storms in London last night proved too much for the roof of the Big Brother house


Big Brother housemates ended up a little soggy last night, after extreme rain storms caused the roof of the famous TV house to spring a heavy leak. 


Some of the contestants had been enjoying the rain shower, dancing around in the garden, but even those who had opted to keep dry found themselves getting splashed when the roof of the living room suddenly broke and water dramatically flooded in. 

The show’s producers were quick to get the housemates to safety, evacuating them to the bedroom and the Others garden. 

Fingers crossed Channel 5 get the rather sizeable leak fixed in time for tonight’s live eviction, which sees Huwie, Charlie and Natalie face the public vote… 


The flooding scenes will be shown during tonight’s instalment of Big Brother at 9pm on Channel 5