Love Island’s Zara Holland: “I didn’t say I was Miss Great Britain THAT much”

We beg to differ...


Love Island’s Zara Holland has laughed off comments she talked about being Miss Great Britain all the time on the ITV2 show. 


Well, perhaps we’re being unfair. There were all those times she was asleep and eating…

“I actually didn’t say Miss Great Britain that much!” Zara grinned to With a bit of friendly scoffing from us (sorry Zara, but you did say it a lot) she continued to protest: 

“I actually promise I didn’t. Everyone that knows me, I really don’t talk about it that much.”

“It looks like I say it all the time and I really don’t, I promise,” she added.

And as it turns out, despite how it looked on the show, Zara was aware that Sophie Gradon was a former Miss GB. There we were thinking Sophie was just really good at not stealing her limelight and yelling: “I WAS A MISS GB TOO!!!” 

“Yeah, Sophie told us all straight away,” explained Zara. “Then I pulled Sophie to one side and said I’m really nervous about saying I’m Miss GB because I don’t want anyone to judge me in any other way. Then we were playing the game of ‘never have I ever’ and it came out then. I just told everyone and everyone was fine with it.”

Of course it’s a tad (OK, really) awkward to discuss now, what with her being stripped of her title and all that, but she’s having some ‘Zara time’ now. 

“I just wanted to go in there and be Zara. Everything that happened, I’m still Zara, I’m still the same girl that was in that villa. I haven’t changed in any way and I’m not ever going to change in any way.”

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