Malin out of Love Island and worried about Terry cheating: “I’ll be glued”

Fans vote Malin out of the villa and she admits she was a little miffed Terry didn’t follow her out, despite saying he would


Toastie-slicing, t-shirt-stealing and pinkie promise-loving Malin Andersson has been booted out of Love Island and she’s got something on her mind: will Terry Walsh stay faithful?


Malin confirms they’ve agreed that they are ‘official boyfriend and girlfriend’ in the real world as well as the villa but can’t help letting her doubts slip out.

“I did not expect to meet Terry at all. I’ve won in that way… if he doesn’t bloody cheat on me. I’ve got two weeks to find out if I’ve won that. We’ll find out, I’ll be glued,” she told

“If he’s lied to me, then I’ll find out… He’s a good guy and he’ll remain faithful – hopefully,” she added, seemingly trying to convince herself as much as us.

It’s understandable of course. She’s just spent every minute with him and now she’s got to sit back and watch him on telly with no idea what he’ll do next. And, as she quite rightly points out, this is Love Island: “They’ll put someone in there. He’s a guy at the end of the day…”.

In fact, Malin laughed she was a tad miffed he didn’t ‘do a Rykard’ and ditch the show to follow her out.

“This is the thing, as soon as my name was called out he was like ‘I’m coming with you 100%, I wanna come with you, there’s no point in being here…’ then he had chats earlier today about it and he said he’s going to stay. But it’s nothing to do with me, it’s to finish off his experience there and try and win it for me and him.

“He’s such a big character in there, he gives good advice etc. It would have been a waste. There’s only two weeks left, I’ve got to be encouraging, but I did feel a bit like ‘Oh…’,” she added.

Malin says the whole thing will be a “good test” of their relationship and says Terry was genuinely upset when her name was called, the islanders having the news delivered by various text messages.

“I felt devastated. I felt horrible really upset. It’s not a nice feeling. Terry was completely shocked, he was like ‘WTF?’ He couldn’t understand it, everyone in the villa couldn’t get their head around it. He was really sad. I remember him just squeezing my hand for five/ten-minutes straight, I thought my hand was just going to fall off.”


As for why she thinks she’s been voted off the show, Malin’s got three theories:

“1. Terry’s the hottest guy in there, girls are probably bitter like f*** Malin, he’s hot. 2. They could have thought they’re a strong couple she’s safe, she’ll make it 3. They genuinely hate me…”

Talking of viewer reactions, Malin has to face her family and friends after having on-camera romps with Terry. After all, her exact words to us before entering the villa were: “No way, I could never do that on telly, no chance! Even if the room was locked and there was no camera in there – I’d still be thinking there was a camera in there. Before I left my dad said ‘do not disgrace the family, Malin!'”

“It’s different in the villa!” Malin insisted. “You can say what you like but three weeks feels like three/four months. To meet someone that I genuinely like and have a connection to, there was no stopping that at all. Neither were any of the other couples, all of us romping at the same time, do you know what I mean?!”

“I didn’t do it because other people were doing it, I did it because I had an attraction to Terry and wanted things to move forward,” she continued. “But when other people are doing it, it does make you feel better about it.”

As for her family she laughed: “Do you know what? I’m 23 years old, I’m a grown up woman – my mum can just deal with what she needs to. She’s just got to deal with it!”

Turning her attention to the other islanders Malin said she thinks everyone in there is being genuine. Although she has her doubts about some of the couples. As far as Malin is concerned Kady and Scott spend too much time worrying about what the public think and she thinks Sophie really could be swept off of her feet and away from Tom.

There’s just one other thing she’s learned. Oh yes, we’re talking cheese toastie-gate: “I daren’t touch Terry’s food again!”


Love Island continues with a catch-up show on Saturday and a new show Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV2