Love Island’s Sophie hits back at Miss GB decision to strip Zara of her title: “Women like to have sex!”

The Islanders paid tribute to Zara Holland after she was stripped of her crown with their own Miss Love Island 2016 – and Sophie used her stage for good


Love Island’s Sophie Gradon has hit back at Miss Great Britain’s decision to strip Zara Holland of her title. 


Zara was “de-crowned” after some after dark activities with Alex Bowen took place in front of the cameras, with the organisation saying it had “no choice under the circumstances”. She’s since left the villa due to a family emergency and so last night the islanders paid tribute to her with their own Miss Love Island 2016 competition. 

Tasked with giving a speech, Sophie – a former Miss GB herself – wasted no time in sticking the boot in. 

“Life shouldn’t be about judging one another,” Sophie began. “Say, for example, judging a young woman for enjoying herself. A young woman who hasn’t harmed anyone, but a woman who has faced a torrent of judgemental and closed-minded opinions since leaving Love Island.

“As an ex Miss Newcastle and Miss GB [she held the title in 2009], I can say that it’s time people move forward from their old fashioned thinking,” she continued before finishing to a roar of applause, “and accept the simple fact that… women like to have sex!”

“It was definitely a fitting tribute to Zara,” Terry said afterwards. “It felt like the girls took that further step to make it better for her. I hope Zara’s happy with it.”

Sophie was then awarded her sash and crown, the latter she promptly threw into the pool saying “we’re all winners!” 

Zara spoke of her upset at Miss GB’s decision to strip her of her title, but has said she’s found comfort in the many messages of support she’s received. Indeed, an online petition urging reinstatement now boasts more than 16,000 signatures. 

ITV2 has left the door open for Zara to return later in the series. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2