Coronation Street: Izzy’s prison sentence revealed

Find out how long Izzy faces behind bars


Izzy Armstong will find herself behind bars next week when she’s sent to prison for assaulting a police officer.


Cannabis dependent Izzy made an impassioned case for her continued use of the drug for pain medication in a recent episode of Coronation Street, but will find that her strong principles do not sway the magistrates.

Upcoming scenes find Izzy preparing for her sentencing by drawing up a childcare rota. As Gary does his best to comfort her, Izzy leans in for a kiss and raises the possibility of them getting back together.

But hopes of a reconciliation seem to be dashed after Izzy receives a two-month sentence for her crimes. In the wake of Izzy’s incarceration, Gary admits to Anna that he’s worried Izzy read too much into their shared kiss.

So will Gary wait for Izzy and rekindle their romance? And how will a scared and upset Izzy cope with life behind bars?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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