The new Ghostbusters have a “lady folk” version of the classic theme to enrage certain fans even more

All in aid of getting director Paul Feig covered in slime, of course


It’s safe to say that the project of an all-female Ghostbusters reboot hasn’t been without its critics, with some fans of the original 1980s movies lambasting the upcoming movie online for desecrating the spirit of the older films by, you know, having women involved.


While at first they were a little perturbed, the cast of the new movie – Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones, fact fans – are now so far beyond caring that they’re actively trolling their online critics, sharing their intentionally infuriating “Lady-Folk” version of the classic Ghostbusters theme on last night’s Graham Norton show. 

Of course, they had less noble reasons for revealing it to the world – Graham said they could drench new Ghostbusters director Paul Feig with slime if they sang the song – but it’s fair to say they don’t mind riling up online commenters’ fury either.

“Fellas all across the world in their mothers’ basements rose up!” Melissa McCarthy joked to the audience.

“We tried to explain that the other films will still exist, and that it’s not an either-or situation.”

“It’s the same world,” Wiig agreed. “There are ghosts!”

Still, it sounds like making the movie wasn’t all bad – at least they had plenty of time to hang out with co-star Chris Hemsworth…


Ghostbusters will be in UK cinemas on the 11th July