Stripper Liana heads into Love Island – she’s dated Scotty T and is now after taken Terry

Liana thinks Terry’s had enough of Malin and she also has the hots for new guy Alex. “You’ve got to go in and take who you want, it’s not ‘Keep Everyone Happy Island’”


Liana Isadora Van Riel looks set to cause some upset as she heads into the Love Island villa with her eye on coupled up Terry and new guy Alex. Yes, the one from that night with Miss Great Britain Zara. Liana sure can pick them.


The 20-year-old is a stripper from Exeter and insists she’s just getting on with the game: “It is Love Island, so you’ve got to go in and take who you want. It’s not ‘Keep Everyone Happy Island’.”

“I definitely think I can stir things up,” Liana added, telling she thinks Terry is getting a bit “fed up” with his current beau Malin.

“I think she’s a bit too uptight for him, he wants someone who’s a bit more chilled, not suffocate him so much. I’ve been making notes…” she added teasingly.

When it comes to former flames, Liana was once coupled up with Scotty T, of Geordie Shore fame.

“We still text and stuff. We’re still mates,” Liana said. “Scotty is lovely, I met him when he was filming in our club. I love my blondes. I love my tall blondes with pretty faces.”

Liana doesn’t think things will pick up with Scotty when she’s done with Love Island though, although he did text her to say “see you after”.

“We’re just friends,” she insisted.

As for what brings Liana to Love Island, she says her job as a stripper has been getting in the way of finding more long-term romance.

“I suppose it’s a big turn off for a guy in a way because of jealousy and it’s a very controversial job. A lot of guys can’t see past that or they see you as like a one-night stand, not as someone to take seriously.”

But she won’t be hiding her occupation once she’s in the villa.

“That is my job, that is what I do. There’s no point pretending I’m someone else. I’m just going to be straight up about it.”

As for whether we’ll see her in action on the show, Liana joked: “Maybe. Depends if I like a guy enough…”


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2