Twitter has noticed a striking similarity between Nigel Farage and Alan Partridge

Knowing me, knowing EU


If you followed the coverage of yesterday’s Brexit battle on the Thames (and if you didn’t, shame on you), then you might have noticed the rather fetching double-breasted jacket UKIP leader Nigel Farage was wearing as his boat-based protest against the EU was interrupted by a rival ship commanded by Bob Geldof (again, you REALLY should read about this story).


But what you might not have noticed was how similar the outfit was to one worn by another colourful figure, who took a similarly exciting boat trip in his BBC series before having a cow dropped on him (the one weird thing that DIDN’T happen on the Brexit flotilla).


Yes, the many members of the internet are convinced Nigel Farage is a dead ringer for Alan Partridge, and frankly it’s the cherry on the delicious ice cream sundae that was yesterday’s bizarre Brexit sea battle. Politics doesn’t get much better than this.