This is how the characters of Peep Show would vote in the EU referendum

According to Robert Webb and Jesse Armstrong, anyway


In all the recent debate over whether the UK should leave the European Union, one crucial discussion has been cruelly overlooked – how would the fictional characters of Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show vote if they had the chance?


Luckily, this burning question has now been answered thanks to the tweets of comedy writer/performer Robert Webb, who played Jez in the series.

It all kicked off when one fan suggested their interpretation for how the characters would vote, only for Webb to offer his own prediction.

Then of course, Peep Show fans wanted more detail on other characters in the series roster.

It was all well-reasoned stuff – but then Peep Show co-creator Jesse Armstrong weighed in with a slightly different opinion (though sadly fellow creator Sam Bain never offered his analysis to make it canonical).

Eventually, Webb decided to call it a night – though there was one last suggestion from another Peep Show actor that just made it under the wire…


So there you have it – The EU referendum as performed by the El Dude brothers and friends. And, who knows; maybe in the parallel Peep Show universe, the vote would go very differently…