Miss Great Britain organisers: we do not condone Zara’s Love Island behaviour

The Miss Great Britain contest organisers play down talk of "de-crowning" the Love Island contestant, but don't write off future action after the reigning champ got steamy in front of the cameras


Love Island’s Zara Holland has mentioned she’s Miss Great Britain more times than most of us have had hot dinners, but it seems she might want to make the most of saying it as she is in a bit of hot water with the judges who handed her the title in the first place.


The current Miss Great Britain went from 0 to 100 with new Love Island contestant Alex Bowen last night, with some late night activities under the covers. 

Now the organisation in charge of the contest has spoken out to say they do not “condone” her behaviour. 

“The Miss Great Britain organisation has been made aware of the behaviour displayed in the most recent episode of Love Island involving our current winner Zara,” a statement said. “We do not condone this behaviour and both our finalists and winners are advised against such public behaviours.”

They soften the message slightly by pointing out she’s young and making decisions separate from her role. 

“However we do also have to remember that Zara is a 20-year-old single woman and her behaviour is not controlled or dictated by our organisation.”

They also insist that any talk of “de-crowning” has not come from them – Zara holds the title until September – although they have not ruled out further action.

Viewers were certainly surprised by the events, Zara so far having been rather sweetly unlucky in love.

However, there’s also plenty of fans who think the whole thing has been taken too seriously. After all, she’s certainly not the first in the villa to get steamy and it takes two to Tango, so to speak. 

Anyway, ITV2 will just be pleased they got a chance to pull out that brilliantly timed sequence of fireworks going off as events unfolded. Telly gold. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2