Love Island’s Zara “mortified” by antics, Olivia reacts… and then they wrestle

Miss Great Britain is feeling a bit disappointed, Olivia has her say and even Kady brands Zara “an absolute idiot” for her saucy night with Alex…


It’s a case of ‘you couldn’t make it up’ on tonight’s Love Island as the fall out from Zara’s late night antics with new boy Alex concludes with the reigning Miss GB in a wrestling match with love rival Olivia…


Yes, a wrestling match. Bravo Love Island production team, bravo.

Here’s a taste of how it plays out…


Zara’s feeling a tad “mortified” after getting ‘intimate’ with new guy Alex on his very first night. 

“I’m really disappointed. It’s my own fault though… but it isn’t like me… this is so out of character for me to do anything like this…”.  Repeat, until she’s told everyone in the villa.

Some will think she’s silly and brought it on herself, some will feel for her in a we’ve-all-been-there kind of way. Her villa pal Kady is pretty clear on the matter, however…


“She’s an absolute idiot,” Kady says of Zara’s actions. “What a stupid girl, why would she do that? Who’s she going to cry to when he doesn’t want to be with her? I’m so annoyed with her.”

Zara was probably hoping for some comfort from you Kady. Friends usually do that. But hey, get it all out.


Here’s the biggie: how will Olivia react? She’s also really liked Alex for the full two minutes he’s been in the villa. THERE’S REAL EMOTIONS HERE PEOPLE.

Actually, she’s quite rational about it. Which is either very big of her, or she’s playing for votes, but either way it works out pretty well for everyone:

“I’m quite a forgiving person. I do like Alex. I don’t want to throw it away over something like that. But I’m not just going to go and lay on a plate and be like ‘oh hey, come back.’ He’ll have to do some grafting if he wants to actually get to know me,” Olivia admits in the Beach Hut before telling Zara: “I’m not going to treat you any differently babe. You know me.”

Cue awkward hug.

Meanwhile, Alex cuts to the important matters: “100% Olivia’s going to make me wait for it. 100%.”

ADAM REACTS           

Adam also appears to have been to the same school of calm thinking as Olivia (perhaps we missed ‘Love Island lesson two’ after the first, which was of course ‘eye contact and playing it cool’?) and is still happy to get to know Zara more.

Adam: “I’m thinking today’s a new day and last night was last night and it’s done. If you were going to pick a guy to couple up with, would you pick me?”

Zara: “Thousand percent. Thousand percent. No question about it.”

So hey, we could have a brand new couple on our hands anyway.

Then in a stroke of telly genius comes…


And who is matched up against each other? Zara and Olivia of course. You could almost say it writes itself, but who actually thinks of this stuff? 


See how it all plays out tonight from 9:00pm on ITV2