This Doctor Who and Star Wars periodic table makes science more pop culture-friendly

The best fictional materials in TV, film and other media just got more scientifically accurate


Forget everything you learned about the periodic table in school (if we’re honest, that won’t take us long), because someone’s come up with a much cooler one that focuses on the fictional metals and materials found in the worlds of TV film, comics, literature and video games.


You can take a look at the table above, or go here to access the interactive version by Bodycote.

A few personal highlights include this assessment of Dalekanium, cited a few times in Doctor Who as the material of choice for a certain race of pepperpot dictators, as well as the metals Adamantium and Quadanium, used for the construction of Wolverine’s claws and the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope respectively.


See – learning CAN be fun, just so long as it’s completely pointless and without application in the real world.