New Love Island boys stir up big trouble with ‘fit list’ and date night

Alex and James aren't entering the villa quietly on tonight's show


Alex Bowen and James Khan have arrived in the Love Island villa and given the pot a really big stir, which is good news as it all got a bit weepy last night didn’t it? Malin and Terry, Kady and Scott… they want to see the weather back here, then they’d really have something to sob about.


Anyway, we’ve had a sneak peek at the action ahead of tonight’s show and can now spill on what goes on when two new Love Islanders enter…

The arrival

The two new lads are waiting in the garden when the islanders wake up, prompting a mad rush to the pool.

No idea why…


This includes Malin, who doesn’t even give her beau Terry a morning kiss in the process, which gets the ‘am I going to get pied’ radar running.


Malin then causes trouble between Kady and Scott

As the girls ponder which of the two new lads they like, Kady’s attraction to Alex is mentioned, which Malin then recounts to Kady’s Love Island boyf Scott. Scott’s “blood boils” as there’s a whole lot of ‘he said, she said, Malin-is-a-stirrer’ chat. Kady then can’t decide if she wants to stick with Scott because it’s just all. so. dramatic. But knowing these two they’ll have kissed and made up by the time dinner rolls around.


Olivia and Zara compete again

Unlucky-in-love Zara ‘I’m Miss GB’ Holland must once again battle with Olivia for the affection of the new guys as they’re currently the only single girls in the villa. Zara’s trying her new trick of eye contact and playing it cool, while Olivia…


Well, it’s a more direct approach.

They can flirt all they like though as it’s up to the viewers. Yep, fans had the chance to vote last night for who they want to go on a date with one of the newbies, so Zara’s luck might change.

The newbies rate and slate the girls…

Ranking people always works well as an ice-breaker, doesn’t it? They’re tasked with deciding which of the girls is the fittest and has the most ‘banter’, and Kady gets the hump when the two lads decide she’s basically got none of the latter. She’s cheers up when she tops the fit list though, so swings and roundabouts.

Zara doesn’t think she fares too well on either list, but comforts herself with the fact that it’s a pretty good looking group she’s up against. But it’s Sophie that’s most unnerved as she’s deemed the most fake in the villa. But it’s OK, because they explain it by saying it’s because she’s with Tom. Which is a totally valid explanation…

Meanwhile, Cara and Nathan make it official


There’s one couple that aren’t rocked by the new arrivals and that’s Cara and Nathan who decide to become not just Love Island boyfriend and girlfriend, but actual boyfriend and girlfriend.

“We were talking about something rude and I said ‘I only do rude things like that with my boyfriend’ and I went ‘we’re not really together’ and he was like ‘why?’ and I was like ‘do you want to be my boyfriend?’ and then he got really shy,” Cara explains. “Me and Tel were both like ‘why are you getting so shy?’ and he was like ‘shut up’. I didn’t think he’d be that bothered, but he got really shy.”

Hold tight, we might be onto another engagement here.


See the action unfold on tonight’s Love Island from 9:00pm on ITV2