Love Island rejects Rykard, Rachel, Daniel and Javi reunite in London

Those who pie together, stay together


Fresh from being booted out of the Love Island villa, former contestants Rykard, Rachel, Javi and Daniel have sprung back together again with a mini London reunion.


Well, when you’ve just spent every waking minute with people you want to see them more, don’t you?

They look like they’re having a whale of a time, albeit they don’t appear to know where to go, there’s none of that Mallorcan sunshine to get excited about and things might actually have been a tad awkward between Daniel and Rykard.

After all, Daniel had wanted Rachel, stepped to one side to let Rykard and Rachel get it on, only to learn upon his exit that Rykard hadn’t treated Rachel all that well and had actually got “intimate” with Olivia, whom Daniel had originally coupled up with, only she kind of liked Javi, too… come to think of it, it could be pretty awkward all round…

As for life back in the villa, things are set to get interesting tonight with not one, but two, new boys heading in.

Just as long as they don’t cut up anyone’s toastie, be sure to be impressed when Zara inevitably mentions she’s Miss Great Britain and don’t tell Tom his shirts are too tight they’ll be just fine.


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