If the Finding Nemo trailer was this honest you probably wouldn’t watch it

Gut-wrenching emotions and a non-stop murder parade? Er, no thanks


If Finding Nemo’s trailer was a bit more honest, you’d probably switch over to something more upbeat. Sure they want us to think we’re diving into a happy tale of a brave daddy fish rescuing his little kid fish, who was never really in any danger at all, but that’s not really what’s going on, is it? 


In anticipation of upcoming sequel Finding Dory, this trailer cuts through the Disney/Pixar magic to hightlight the fact that Finding Nemo actually serves up a whole load of gut-wrenching emotions that make us reevaluate our entire adult lives before dragging us through a murderous parade of what it’s actually like living under the sea.

The Little Mermaid told us it was better down where it’s wetter, but from paralysing jellyfish to deadly mines and that fish with all the teeth and the light bulb… it’s enough to make you give up swimming forever. Not even a dip in the local pool. 


Here’s hoping Finding Dory is cheerier…