Love Island 2016: Meet James Khan

The newsagent and personal trainer from Teddington has his eye on two girls - and reckons he has no competition from the boys...


Age: 20


Occupation: Newsagent/personal trainer

From: Teddington

Single for: Two months

How he sees himself: “Cute, funny, confident, excitable and bubbly.”

Which girl(s) does he have his eye on: “Olivia and Zara – the two blondies of the villa.”

Which girl would he dump form the Island? “Sophie because she’s a bit boring. She’s been a bit trapped into being boring because of her relationship with Tom. I reckon she wants to leave anyway.”

Who’s his biggest competition? “I don’t have any competition – but if I had to say it would be Terry as all the girls fancy him.”


Love Island continues nightly at 9:00pm on ITV2