Love Island 2016: Meet Alex Bowen

The scaffolder and model from Wolverhampton has his eye on no less than four girls and sees Terry as his competition...


Age: 24


From: Wolverhampton

Job: Scaffolder/model

Single for: Six months

What’s different about Alex? “I’m the most real guy that will be in there. A lot of the lads are being fake just to be in the villa. If I fancy a girl, I fancy a girl. I’m truthful and I’m honest…”

How he sees himself: “Confident, kind, caring, handsome and truthful.”

Which girl(s) does he have his eye on: “A few of them – Kady, Olivia, Malin and Zara. I have no loyalty to the guys, this is what it’s about – going in and cracking on with the girls, so that is what I intend to do.”

Which girl would he dump form the Island? “Maybe Zara… watching from the outside she’s a bit annoying. She doesn’t make it easy on herself by saying she’s Miss Great Britain all the time.”

Who’s his biggest competition? “Terry – we’re probably a bit similar. I might clash with Tom as I like Sophie as well.” 


Love Island continues nightly at 9:00pm on ITV2