Audiences love Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 2 even more than part 1

Especially when fans spotted JK Rowling in the audience


Last night saw the second part of Harry Potter sequel play The Cursed Child have its first preview, and many audience members were curious. Could the follow-up excite and entertain them as much as part 1 had, or would it fall short of expectations?


Spoiler alert: everyone loved it just as much, if not more.

In fact, some were certain that it even surpassed part 1, which audiences saw earlier this week on Tuesday night for its first preview.

In fact, there might have been a little TOO much love. Look after your heart rate, guys.

And after the show, a LOT of that love was expressed at the stage door after the performance.

Though some people were less interested in the cast and more keen to get a glimpse of one audience member…


Hopefully JK enjoyed the night as much as the fans – though that might be quite a high bar to reach.

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