Unrest at the Palace as Prince Philip clashes with The Queen over Coronation

Our source reports from inside the royal household - where no doubt harmony will soon be restored between Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh


The usually harmonious marriage of the Queen and her consort Prince Philip has recently been subject to a small ripple of discontent, reports our Palace insider.


It appears that the Duke of Edinburgh was somewhat perturbed when Her Majesty insisted he abide by the tradition of kneeling before her during her forthcoming Coronation.

“Are you my wife or my queen?” the Prince apparently demanded of her.

“I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both,” the Queen was heard to retort.

Prior to this small disagreement, Prince Philip has been a most supportive presence to her Majesty, entreating the Palace to “give her a Coronation that is befitting of the wind of change that she represents”, and we have no doubt he will eventually demonstrate his loyalty to both wife and monarch by acceding to her wishes, ensuring harmony is restored to the royal household in good time for the Coronation.

Get a glimpse of what may have taken place between the Duke and Her Majesty during their disagreement



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