The Archers: Rob makes demands – plus Lynda finally unveils her Resurgam garden

12-17 June 2016: And Emma is frantically cleaning Grange Farm


Ambridge turns out for a weekend of events to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. The centerpiece, at least in Lynda’s eyes, being of course the unveiling of her Resurgam garden, there to represent the village’s spirit in overcoming adversity. But surely Eddie deserves special mention for overcoming Lynda’s criticisms of the shepherd’s hut he made?


Rob is at his revolting, bullying worst when he turns up unannounced at Bridge Farm with a proposition. Pat bristles at Rob’s brass neck and her anger only increases when she sees Rob’s picture in the Borsetshire Echo. But Tony feels that a bit of cooperation would serve them well, especially as the date for the custody hearing is fast approaching.

Lynda Snell (Carole Boyd)

Jennifer asks Kate and Lilian to look after Phoebe while she is away. Studious Phoebe won’t be torn away from A-Level revision and Jennifer wants to make sure she eats properly. Kate is focused on the launch of her new business but finds time to relax with Lilian. She wonders why her aunt has been rather boisterous lately, but Lilian says she couldn’t possibly comment.

Toby invites Pip to dinner at the Bungalow to try to persuade her to record a new voiceover for his updated promotional film for the pastured eggs. Pip is impressed with the food but what will she make of the film?  Also this week, Pip is joined by Rex at a farm-tech event. Rex asks about going for a meal on the way home but Pip is non-committal. To her surprise, Pip spots Alice at the event. What is an aeronautical engineer doing at a farming demonstration? 


And, finally, Oliver and Caroline are due back at Grange Farm and Emma is busy with a frantic clear-up job.