Hollyoaks: Trevor’s funeral descends into chaos – and the day of Jade and Alfie’s sky dive dawns

13-17 June 2016: Plus Maxine dates Grace's brother Adam


Monday 13 June


Diane is shocked by what she sees when she goes to Marne’s flat. Freddie wants to talk to Ellie but she pushes him away, battling her feelings for him. Baby Girl Roscoe is still without a name so Mercedes and Joe make it their mission to decide on one.

Maxine is worried she’ll say too much when she has to give DS Thorpe a lift in a Minnie Cab. Nancy is becoming increasingly irritated by Maxine and tells Darren they need to find her a man.

Grace finds a tube of lipstick in Trevor’s car – and it isn’t hers! 

Tuesday 14 June

As Grace and Sienna prepare for Trevor’s funeral, Adam Donovan arrives. Liam and Jesse beg Adam to let them stay so they can comfort Grace at the funeral. Trevor’s hearse arrives in the village. Grace spots Joe wearing Trevor’s leather jacket and accuses Mercedes of being Trevor’s other woman.

Mercedes and Joe play a game to decide baby girl Roscoe’s name.Nancy and Darren decide to set Maxine up with Dirk, but Cindy walks in on their date at The Dog.

Wednesday 15 June

Trevor’s funeral descends into chaos. The brothers put Grace to bed but she swiftly goes awol and Adam searches for her. Grace asks her brothers to stay. Later, Maxine and Adam meet properly in Price Slice and arrange a date but Nancy and Darren aren’t pleased with Maxine dating Grace’s brother.

Thursday 16 June

Jade is pining over Alfie and asks Tom to help them spend time together. Mac agrees to let Alfie take part in a charity skydive with Jade and invites Marnie along for a family trip to watch.

Darren gets the wrong impression of Adam when he misinterprets various situations and decides he’s not good enough for Maxine.

Maxine arrives late to The Dog for her date with Adam.

Friday 17 June

Cindy wants to make a grand gesture to Dirk and drags him to the airfield where Jade and Alfie are doing their sky-dives. Alfie is terrified of getting into the plane but with Jade by his side they both jump on board.


Marnie and Freddie secretly kiss, but he pushes her away. Later, Alfie and Jade go to the hospital for their PET scan results.