Coronation Street: Billy is dumped by Sean – but will he find love with Todd? Daniel Brocklebank interview

It's a turbulent time for Corrie's resident vicar


There are major ructions ahead for Coronation Street vicar Billy Mayhew when he takes up with Todd Grimshaw after being dumped by boyfriend Sean Tully.


Scenes to be broadcast next week will see Sean show Billy the door after growing suspicious about his increasing closeness to Todd. And even when Billy reveals all about his current angst surrounding heroin-addicted brother Lee, it isn’t enough to salvage his relationship.

But it looks as though Billy will soon have fresh romance thanks to his burgeoning feelings for Todd. Will the pair end up getting together? Actor Daniel Brocklebank reveals all about this – and the drama surrounding the upcoming funeral of drug dealer Callum Logan!

Why did Billy feel unable to confide in Sean about his brother Lee? 
He was ashamed of Lee but he’s also ashamed of himself because he couldn’t help Lee when he needed him.

So why did he choose Todd as his confidant? 
He didn’t choose him as such. They were kind of thrown together because of the Sarah situation. And they have become closer because Todd finds out that Lee is Billy’s brother. He saw Billy let Lee go when he was caught stealing from Preston’s Petals and Todd was about to call the police. Billy has kind of been cornered and he had to tell him the truth.

How does he feel when Sean dumps him? 
Well, obviously gutted. He has loved Sean, but at the particular moment it’s probably the least of his worries. He has so much going on that it’s just another nail in the coffin.

How does Sean react when he reveals the truth about Lee? 
He’s hurt that Billy hadn’t told him. That in turn upsets Billy. He hadn’t gone out of his way not to tell him, there just wasn’t the right moment.

What makes Billy realise that he has feelings for Todd? 
Todd and Billy hey always had a fairly fractious relationship. Todd has never been very nice to Billy. I think it’s a slow burn – Billy sees a side to Todd that he’s never seen before, a much softer, caring side, with Sarah but also with Billy when he opens up about Lee.

How does Todd react when he confesses those feelings? 
Not well. He asks Billy to leave the house and that he doesn’t want any of it. That’s his initial reaction.

Tell us why is Billy so jittery about Callum’s funeral? 
Obviously it’s put Billy in a very difficult position because Sarah’s a friend. And Billy doesn’t really know what’s gone on either. He’s made up his own mind about what’s happened. He thinks that Sarah was raped by Callum and that baby Harry is the result of that attack. He’s wrong, obviously, but that’s what he thinks, so when Marion comes and asks him to conduct the funeral of the man he thinks has raped his mate, it’s a difficult position to be put in. He also thinks Sarah is responsible for Callum’s murder, so he’s burying a man while protecting his killer.

What makes him rush out of the service? 
It’s because Sarah walks into the church. He told her he didn’t think she should come, so when she walks in it’s too much for him. He has the body there, the person he thinks is the killer, the grieving mother… it’s all too much.

Do you think Billy could be the one to uncover the truth about Callum?
Very possibly. That’s up to the writers though.

Who do you think he’s more suited to – Sean or Todd?
Ooh, I don’t know. Billy and Sean have always had a lovely relationship. However, I think Billy and Todd’s relationship may be a bit more passionate and explosive. It’d be interesting to see them together.

Can you give us any hints about what else is coming up for Billy?
I can’t actually. I don’t know any more than Todd and Billy getting together but who knows if that will run smoothly?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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