About Time, Wayne’s World, The Jungle Book, Twilight, The Constant Gardener: films on TV today

Domnhall Gleeson meets Rachel McAdams again . . . and again, Mike Myers party's on, the bear necessities for Mowgli, love bites for Kristen, and Ralph calls a spade a spade: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


About Time ★★★★
 9.00-11.25pm C4 


You’d have to be pretty hard-hearted not to swoon at the feet of this latest variation on Richard Curtis’s favourite story: bumbling Brit (previously Hugh Grant) meets sassy American (Andie MacDowall; Julia Roberts) and charms her with his plummy voice. It casts suddenly ubiquitous but lovable Irishman Domhnall Gleeson opposite a transatlantic migrant, the disarmingly spiky Rachel McAdams. But here’s the twist: after trainee barrister Gleeson cute-meets publisher McAdams, his attempts to help out playwright pal Tom Hollander end in him losing McAdams’s phone number. Having sworn to his affable dad, Bill Nighy, that he wouldn’t abuse the family’s time-travelling “gift”, Gleeson does just that, getting further and further temporally tangled. Only pedants like me will complain that the time-travel device is conveniently adjusted to suit the romantic outcome, or bemoan the lack of sharp edges in Curtis’s world (someone does get ill), so get some chocs and dive in.

Wayne’s World ★★★★
3.45-5.35pm C5 

The slacker dudes who had the world quoting their gormless teen-speak make their sparkling HD debut but thankfully their befuddled responses to reality are still hilariously out of focus.

The Jungle Book ★★★★★
5.05-6.35pm C4

The new version released into the wild looks great and is super fun, but this Disney classic about man cub Mowgli will always have a special charm.

Twilight ★★★
6.30-9.00pm E4 

This original film in the love among the vampires saga is a timely reminder of what set off all that angsty smouldering between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the first place.

The Constant Gardener ★★★★
10.05-12.40am ITV3 

Not just a socially conscious thriller but a stirring love story with an Oscar-winning Rachel Weisz. But Ralph Fiennes carries it as the quiet man  digging for answers about her death.


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