This Reddit user noticed something really cool about the Dark Mark in the Harry Potter films

Taker closer look at Lord Voldemort's branding and you'll notice something very clever...


Easter eggs are often the best thing about our favourite film franchises – they remind us how vast a story can be, or how pivotal the tiniest clue can prove.


That’s why one Redditor got SO excited when they noticed something quite cool about the Dark Mark sported by each of the Death Eaters in the Harry Potter films.

ThE dark mark easter egg from harrypotter

On closer inspection, you can see that it’s true – the Dark Mark brand/tattoo does indeed feature what appears to be a figure of 8, but only in the films.

In the book (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) it was originally described as “a colossal skull, comprised of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue”.

Did JK Rowling tell the filmmakers to depict the serpent in the shape of a figure 8 to hint at Voldemort’s accidental splitting of his soul into 8 pieces? Or is it just another magical coincidence?


We think it’s pretty spell-binding either way.