Doctors is taking an extra long summer break and fans are NOT happy

The BBC daytime soap's devoted viewers are furious that it's disappearing off air for three months to make way for Euro 2016, Wimbledon and the Olympics
By Sarah Doran

Every year fans of BBC soap Doctors wave goodbye to their favourite show for a few weeks while Wimbledon takes over our TV screens but this summer the series is taking a three month break.


Fans of the series spotted the news in the show's official Facebook announcement and it didn't take them long to express how furious they were about it.

Some felt the move was totally unfair.


They don't want to be left playing second fiddle to sport, again.

Outraged viewers struggled to understand why the show couldn't be aired at a different time slot, or on BBC2 instead. 

While others came up with what they felt was a fair compromise.


The ball's in your court now, BBC.

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