You can now send selfie, avocado and face palm emojis

72 new emojis are being rolled out this month


There’s never been a better time to feel emoji-onal. 72 new images are being added to the emoji keyboard this month, and they will undoubtedly enhance our texts and tweets. 


Some of the stand-out new emojis include an avocado emoji (don’t pretend you haven’t dreamt of using this since the fad for avocado on toast started), a selfie emoji (better late than never) and a face palm emoji (for when you’ve been a bit late creating a selfie emoji). 

Launching the “Big Spring Update”, Emojipedia have revealed details of all the new images that will be released as part of Emoji One 2.2

The update also features a sneezing, rolling on the floor laughing, fist bump and pregnant woman emoji (at least we think she’s pregnant). 


Facebook Messenger have also released a new set of emojis today, featuring new skin tones and genders. They’ve also chosen to improve diversity by displaying many emojis, like police officer, runner and surfer, as female instead of the more common male.