Big Brother confirms TWO houses – and the coming of ‘The Others’

We're calling it - this is Lost meets Ex on the Beach...


Is Big Brother turning all Lost on us? Along with confirmation that there will be not one but two BB houses this series, the show is also teasing the coming of… The Others…


“The housemates live in the Big Brother house but they will have no idea of the dark and ominous force that is only metres away. In The Other House, THE OTHERS will be conspiring to target and take down the housemates as they attempt to steal their place in the Big Brother House…”

Spooky. And to add to the potential drama it seems the housemates and The Others will be connected in ways they are unaware of.

Now to us that sounds a bit less Lost and a bit more Ex on the Beach…


The Big Brother Live Launch is on Tuesday 7th June at 9pm on Channel 5