Coronation Street: will Pat Phelan become a killer?

"He's the ultimate narcissist and a psychopath - nothing is going to get in the way of his main goal," says British Soap Awards winner Connor McIntyre


He’s the most malignant presence on Corrie at the moment. Manipulative, predatory and entirely without empathy – but how evil will Pat Phelan become?


We’ve already seen him harass Anna, oust Michael and scheme his way into the Grimshaw household. But what will Phelan be getting up to once Jason leaves Weatherfield behind? Will the builder’s exit give Pat the space to muscle in on the business?

Speaking to on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards, Connor McIntyre teased: “Yes, Jason is out of the way and you’ll also see that Todd will get neutralised. So there’s a truce going on between the two of them.

“All of which gives Pat room to work. He’s the ultimate narcissist and a psychopath – nothing is going to get in the way of his main goal. Now that the decks are starting to clear, he’ll begin operating in a different way.”

McIntyre scooped the Best Villain trophy at this year’s prizegiving ceremony, but seeing as he was against a roll call of soap killers, is there a chance that Phelan could turn murderous?

“I’m not sure. I always maintain that he would make a great politician. I’m generalising, but he operates with no compassion and no thought except for himself and his agenda. Party politics aside, he would have been very comfortable in that environment.”

And what reaction does he now get from Corrie fans? Are people know crossing the road when they see him? “It’s mainly boos and hisses. And people saying, ‘don’t you hurt Eileen’. And ‘don’t you touch Anna’. And the ultimate one is, ‘don’t you go near Roy’. So I’ve had my orders.

” But the best compliment I get about Pat is when people say, ‘I know somebody like you’. There’s a ring of truth about him. And it’s all credit to the storyliners and scriptwriters. He’s three dimensional, which makes him very dangerous.”

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