Neighbours: shock verdict in Paul’s trial is revealed – plus Therese collapses

6-10 June 2016: Plus Steph struggles to balance parenting and her love life


Monday 6 June


Toadie reveals that he is taking on Paul’s case. As Paul takes the stand he pleads not guilty, throwing the court into disarray. Rattled by Paul’s testimony, Terese begs Cecilia to withdraw her false statement but Cecilia reminds her that doing so will see them both in prison. 

Tuesday 7 June

Terese takes to the stand and admits that she paid Cecilia to lie. Despite her confession, however, the jury returns a shock guilty verdict, and Paul is given a lengthy prison sentence. When Steph visits him, Paul rejects the idea of appealing. After being humiliated and abandoned, Terese hits rock bottom. 

Wednesday 8 June

Terese’s collapse draws Piper and Tyler closer together, and a casual fun evening quickly takes a romantic turn. When Xanthe discovers Naomi’s old designer clothes, she decides to sell them online to pay off Tom. Ben becomes increasingly frustrated when Angus’s bad behaviour goes unpunished. 

Thursday 9 June

Ben overhears Karl and Susan discussing Sarah’s cancer and demands to know the truth. Sparks fly between Piper and Tyler and she invites him to her place, but he gently suggests that this is not a good idea. John discovers a clue to his past when he recognises a woman on the street. 


Friday 10 June

John is rattled by a disturbing flashback of the damaged Lassiter’s boiler on the verge of exploding and thinks he could have been responsible. Sonya discovers a mysterious message on Walter’s phone. Steph struggles to balance parenting and her love life.