Love Island 2016: meet Zara Holland

Zara's the reigning Miss Great Britain but says it puts men off rather than helping her get dates


Name: Zara Holland


Age: 20

Lives: Hull

Job: Runs boutiques with her mum and is reigning Miss Great Britain

Claim to fame: Herself seemingly, given she said ‘Miss Great Britain’ when asked to describe herself in three words. Although she also met Victoria Beckham at some point who was “lovely”. 

Love Island claim to fame: Zara knows Cally Beech from last year’s series. “She’s still with Luis [from last year’s show], obviously I get on really well with her. I’m sure she’ll be really supportive, she’ll be rooting for me.” 

Why being Miss Great Britain isn’t great for her love life: “Everyone says that you’re Miss Great Britain you must meet loads of guys, but it’s the total opposite. I think it frightens guys to death. Especially on social media and stuff. I really think it does put guys off. 

“I’m still Zara at the end of the day, just because I’m Miss Great Britain it’s not changed who I am and it never will. So it would be nice for guys to appreciate me for me not just the title. That’s what I’ve found, guys message me just because I’m Miss Great Britain, or you go out for a drink and it’s oh I’m taking Miss Great Britain out for a drink whereas I’m just Zara.”

Zara says she won’t mention it straight away in the villa – “I might keep that one under wraps for a few weeks” – but says “of course it’s going to come out”.

“It’s part of who I am. For my life I guess I’ll always be a ‘former Miss GB’ but I hope it doesn’t put them off,” she added. But she’s not going to mention it. Nope, not straight away… 


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 from 9:00pm Monday 30th May