Love Island 2016: meet Tom Powell

Tom talks tattoos, girls and his nan thinking he's going on The Island with Bear Grylls...


Name: Tom Powell


Age: 24

Lives: Wales 

Job: Barman (regular seasons in Zante) and fitness instructor 

Why Love Island? “My mate applied [Gaz Beadle’s tour manager Ryan Moore] – he didn’t get on the show. Apparently he was on the pilot…? I think he’s going to be fuming. We argued anyway over a girl…”

Claim to fame: Tom did some security work for Gaz and admits it opened his eyes. “Everyone loves him – I’ve never known anyone hate him ever. Women love him because they want to be with him (I’m talking 19/20 year olds) and men want to be him. Everyone loves him. I didn’t meet once person who didn’t like him honest to god.” 

Most hilarious confession: “My nan seems to think I’m going on bloody Bear Grylls! Honest to god! I’m like nan, I’m safe, I promise you, I’m not going to be in any danger. She keeps on going, ‘Look who’s on the telly: Bear Grylls!’ So she doesn’t really know what’s going on but my granddad knows the score. He wants to be out there with me. He’s crazy!” 

Why single? Got into a row with his girlfriend at Christmas over texts with his ex-girlfriend who he said had been going through a difficult time with a family illness. 

On having sex on TV: “I know my mum’s going to be watching. She says she won’t but she will… I’m not saying no, I’m not saying yes. I might forget the cameras are there. As long as it’s tasteful…”

Will you fight for a girl? “Yeah, I’m quite competitive. I’m very competitive actually. I hate losing at anything. I’m laid back, but if you push my buttons. Everyone’s got a point haven’t they?”

Ideal girl: “My ex – three exes ago – has got fake boobs, big lips, dyed orange hair, then another girl was pale, loads of tattoos, blonde and then another tanned, dark hair no tattoos… so I haven’t got a type.”

Of the woman’s face tattooed on his arm: “I’d like to say it was my mother, I pretend it’s my mother because it’s deeper, but it’s some bird out of 90210.” He doesn’t actually like the other large tattoo on his arm, but admits it’s too big to remove. 


Love Island starts Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly