Love Island 2016: meet Rykard Jenkins

Rykard wins top points for the most amusing answers to questions including Clark Kent being his model for being a gentleman...


Name: Rykard Jenkins 


Age: 25

Lives: Kent

Job: Personal trainer 

Winner of most laugh-out-loud response to why he signed up for the show: “I really like watching reality TV, it’s my favourite genre of TV out there. It is real, these characters are real. So for example, when I watching Scotty T on Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore and Big Brother, when I finally met him I was so excited and so happy because he is that real character. But if you was to meet for example Phil Mitchell of the street, it’s not Phil Mitchell is it? It’s the actor, so you can’t get excited over it. You’re going oh leave him alone that’s Steve McFadden or whatever, like he’s in Bluewater shopping for soap or whatever. But you see Scotty T out for drinks you know that’s him and that’s what he does.”

Looking for love? In a word, no: “I’m there for a good time. Good times and fun times. Call it ‘Fun Island instead of Love Island’.” 

“I’m even excited for the little interviews where you go to camera, “Cor she’s well fit.” I’m just excited, that’s the stuff I’m looking forward to.”

On sex on TV: “My mum said be a gentleman. Be like Clark Kent. My dad was like, ‘Go through them all son!’ I want to look back at it when I’m 50 and laugh at myself.”

Ideal girl? “The ideal girl I’d love to settle down with is girl next door, plain Jane, she’s smart academic… that’s what I’d love to settle down with. But for now go big everything – big arse, big t***, big lips, big hair, big eyelashes, drawn on eyebrows, just give it to me! Get it out of my system for a while.”

Ideal date? “Water balloon fights”. Because of course… 

On what would really annoy him: “This is going to sound quite bad but I have to say it, Jess’s [2015 winner Jessica Hayes] sort of personality from last year. She was great to watch but someone that’s just talking for the sake of it, you just need to be quiet sometimes. I know it’s good for TV, don’t get me wrong, but you know… that’s going to come out now and she’s going to hate me! He just slagged the winner of Love Island off! She’s probably a nice girl at the end of the day.”

Favourite sayings: “I like saying ‘the bangers’ a lot. Like ‘she is the bangers’ or ‘that is the bangers…’ Everyone liked pied last year. It just caught on. Hopefully a more positive catchphrase this year.”


Love Island starts Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly