Love Island 2016: meet Olivia Buckland

This Love Islander jokes she's a bit weird and hopes she'll bring out others' weirdness


Name: Olivia Buckland


Age: 22

Lives: Essex

Job: Sales Executive 

Claim to fame: ‘bumps into’ the Essex lot – “it’s quite a small place” – but says she doesn’t know any of them as friends. “I’d don’t think they’d know be my name”.

Olivia doesn’t think she’d fit on TOWIE: “I’m too strange, I have weird conversations. I’m a bit strange. Like even my chaperone her for Love Island we end up talking about tasting Spanish milk and centipedes. I don’t think I’d fit in. I bring out people’s weirdness. Hopefully the Love Islanders will enjoy the weirdness.”

She’s nervous: “Even when I got to my hotel I thought what am I doing? I’m not sure. I still don’t know…”

Hilarious confession: “I watched it last year but I had a boyfriend but I was like, I really want to go on this show! I was like, I don’t think it’s appropriate right now… but we actually split up four/five months later [he cheated] and I saw that it was starting casting again. I was just like, I’m going to do it. On a bit of a whim really.”

Of her dad watching the show (including any hanky-panky): “He just said if you feel like you want to do something do it. He’s so lovely. My dad is the best. We don’t live together, we’ve become really good friends, I tell him everything about boys anyway. Anything he saw he wouldn’t love me any less and he wouldn’t judge me.”


Love Island kicks off 9:00pm on ITV2 from Monday May 30th