Love Island 2016: meet Nathan Massey

Nathan's pals with TOWIE's Tommy Mallet and wants to date cast mate Chloe Lewis


Name: Nathan Massey


Age: 24

Lives: Essex

Job: Carpenter

Claim to fame: Best mates with TOWIE’s Tommy Mallet and his girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou. Mallet was the one that put me forward – I think he messaged and said you’ve got to get this guy on. He said be yourself and you’ll win it! 

“He’s given me a lot of advice and clothing. I can’t fault him as a mate.”

Is there a future on TOWIE? “I’d love to do that, yeah. I know a few of the girls, so potentially it could be an easy way in.”

On being a Love Island fan: “I was a big fan of last year’s series. I just imagined myself on there. I think I’ll be the Jon – the clown, the joker!”

Had a famous fling? “Not yet…”

On being a bit of a prankster: “I prank restaurants – I can keep a straight face. I do all different voices, pretend their food has given me the s****. On site I do things like eat someone’s lunch…put a bucket on top of the door, old school things…”

On his ex having an inkling about Love Island: “She had an inkling I was coming on. She saw me on the train and I was dressed up in my Sunday best and she straight away was like, ‘What are you doing?’ I said my boss wanted me to go for meetings. But she messaged me and said, ‘I don’t believe you, I think you’re going on TOWIE or something… then a couple of days later she sent me the Love Island logo and I said, I ain’t going on Love Island, I’d tell you if I was…” 

Ideal girl: “I’m getting a bit of a reputation in Essex. It’d be nice to get a girl out of the area.”

…and on wanting to date TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis: “I think Chloe Lewis is a tool, she’s fit. A tool.. like a sort. A tool is a good thing.” Does she know he’s waiting in the wings? “No, hopefully you’re going to tell her!” On wanting her to go into the villa: “I wouldn’t say no!” 

Most to-the-point statement about sex in the villa: “I have no morals! My mum was like, ‘You better not shag on telly!’ But if we’re walking along the street and I see a girl, I’ll say to my mum: ‘Cor I wanna shag her!’ and she’ll say: ‘Nathan you dirty sod, shut up!’ I’m very open about sex. I used to watch porn when I was five. Everyone does it, although everyone doesn’t do it on TV…”

On fighting for a girl? “Course! It’s a dog eat dog eat world. The gentleman way: hit the gym a bit harder, tell her how good she looks and the bloke she’s with is a d***.”

On his wild nights out: “When I go out, and this is no lie, I have to take my passport out [he doesn’t drive so doesn’t have a license] and my phone and give it to my mate ‘Uncle Fizzo’. I tell girls I’m an RAF pilot to explain the passport. But there’s been many a time i’ve woken up in a forest. Seriously. I woke up in the forest once, under a thorn bush.” 


Love Island starts Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly